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We are grateful and honored to introduce desmatsuda to you.

Determined to contribute to our valued customer the establishmentof this co-operation between DESMA and MATSUDA will leverage the technical expertise and experience of two industry champions in order to provide the combined strength of both companies to your business.

The concept of desmatsuda contributes to the sustainable success of our clients through best in class injection moulding machines and services.







Since its inception more than 75 years ago, MATSUDA Seisakusho has developed injection-moulding machines for its customers. The supplier enjoys an excellent reputation as a leading manufacturer in Japan, especially in the rubber injection moulding industry. In an increasingly dynamic market environment, the company always comes up with interesting innovations while maintaining the same high quality.




DESMA realizes machines and systems for the production of technical rubber and silicone moulded articles. The DESMA turnkey plants make demanding products which seal up, dampen, fix, insulate or protect. In order to manufacture them successfully, they put excellent technologies and service performances worldwide on their customers’ side.


High quality and reliability

We are setting high standards in quality and the control of these – so our customers will get long-living and smart injection-moulding machines.


Global service and sales opportunities

Because of the German and Japanese connections we can provide our customers with a well connected service and sales network – always at our customer’s side.


A lot of technology in a tiny space

We seek a mostly compact design of the machine. The entire installation will have a small dimension and a perfect fit from an ergonomic point of view.


Experience and know how

With the concept of desmatsuda the highest knowledge and know-how were combined – so we can develop machines with the best of both.

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More information about desmatsuda and our developments needed?

More information about desmatsuda and our developments needed?
Stay tuned and register for our newsletter.

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